The interlocking nature of UtiLite™ wall and ceiling panels offers a clean and nearly seamless appearance

UtiLite - Interlocking Wall Panels


Product Description

The need for a clean environment is met with UtiLite™ easy to maintain interlocking wall and ceiling panels. These wall panels offer a near seamless appearance that is 100% moisture resistant and lightweight. You can install UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels vertically or horizontally, either directly to studs or substrate. UtiLite's attractive price point and ease of installation provides cost effective solutions for contractors and installers. Find a distributor near you or call (800) 826-4132 for more information.

Popular Applications

UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels serve a variety of commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. These lightweight, smooth, water-resistant panels check all of the boxes for the requirements of a clean room environment. Popular applications include:
Commercial Kitchens
Dairy Facilities
Exam Rooms
Food Preparation Areas
Healthcare Facilities
Locker Rooms
Carwash Facilities
Veterinary Clinics
Pharmaceutical Plants
Clean Rooms
Rest Rooms
Marine Facilities
Food Processing Plants
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Features & Benefits

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utilite wall features

Nudo designed the UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels to meet the stringent demands of various facilities while maintaining a smooth, aesthetic appearance. UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels deliver a clean, smooth, white surface, with an innovative corrugated plastic core resulting in a lightweight, yet extremely durable panel. More features and benefits of UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels include:
  • Clean, smooth white surface.
  • Innovative, corrugated plastic core provides a lightweight, durable panel.
  • 100% moisture resistant. Will not rot or corrode and is ideal for high water exposure areas.
  • Interlocking edge provides a near seamless appearance while reducing installation time.
  • Class A fire-rating.
  • Meets USDA, FDA and LA County requirements for walls and ceilings.
  • CIF-ULCS 102.2 - Class A.

Physical Characteristics

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UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels come in a variety of size offerings, providing options to fit the demands of almost any facility.
16" x 8'
16" x 10'
16" x 12'
16" x 16'
16" x 20'
24" x 8'
24" x 10'
24" x 12'
24" x 16'
24" x 20'
Class A

LEED Credits

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Materials and Resources
MR 5.1 and 5.2


Available Colors
  • white finish
Notes: Panel colors within this website are RGB equivalent. For the best color representation contact your NUDO representative for a product sample.


Available Finishes
  • smooth finish

Recommended Trims

utilite wall trim
There are certain trims that we recommend when you construct a room with UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels. These will contribute to a seamless installation and appearance. Each of these trims will interlock into any of the compatible panels and uphold the many benefits of the UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels. Recommended trims include:
division bar
Details (pdf)
Division Bar for 3/8" Panel
(1" Face)
inside corner
Details (pdf)
Inside Corner Angle 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
outside corner
Details (pdf)
Outside Corner Angle 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
For additional trims available, click here.

Questions & Answers

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Where can I buy UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels?
You can find a distributor near you by visiting our Locate a Distributor Map. You can also contact the Nudo Support team at (800) 826-4132.
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What color are UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels?
UtiLite™ Wall Panels come in a crisp, clean white.
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What texture is UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels?
UtiLite™ Wall Panels are offered in a smooth texture, which contributes to easier sanitation and disinfecting.
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Are UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels easy to install?
Yes, UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels are easy to install due to the nature of the interlocking design of the panels.
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What are the benefits of UtiLite™ Interlocking Wall Panels?
  • 100% moisture resistance
  • Seamless appearance
  • Easy installation
  • Class A fire-rating
  • Meets USDA, FDA, and LA County requirements for walls and ceilings
  • CIF-ULCS 102.2 - Class A
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Do I need to use caulk or silicone on all the joints with UtiLite™?
Using silicone caulking helps to seal the transition between panels and trim. It has been a best pratice by many experienced installers.
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Can your UtiLite™ panels be installed over Gypsum?
Yes, NUDO UtiLite™ can be installed over Gypsum.
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Does UtiLite™ come in Colors?
Currently, UtiLite™ is available in white only.
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Can UtiLite™ be cut to size?
Yes, UtiLite™ can be cut to lengths.
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Is UtiLite™ sold by the piece?
UtiLite™ is sold by the case, 5 panels per case.
Can UtiLite™ be adhered to the walls only?
Yes, but it is not a best practice. The UtiLite™ panel should be attached to drywall or stud vertically every 8". To ensure the panels are sealed a bead of silicone should be inserted into the flange when interlocking panels together.
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Can UtiLite™ be painted once it is up on the wall?
Yes, there are several paint manufacturers that offer Vinyl Safe paint.
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