Trailer Panels
NUDO provides laminated panels in various combinations, creating wall, ceiling and flooring panels for various transportation applications including: travel trailers, RV interiors, trailer liners, concession trailers, truck body liners and toy/car haulers.

These laminated panels offer the durability needed for the stringent demands of travel trailers, including resistance to moisture, chemicals and scratches. NUDO's NuPoly QuadFloor is also skid resistant under both wet and dry conditions and has been the trusted floor panel for trailers for over 10 years.

Please contact your NUDO representative to review all available options for your transportation wall, ceiling and flooring needs.

Liner Panels
Description Uses Substrates Available Fire-Rating Maintenance
BPLiteHigh-density polyethylene panels with a smooth textured finishInterior Wall LinerNoneClass CSpray clean, mild solvents
FiberCorrCorrugated/fluted polyethylene core with a FRP faceInterior Wall LinerCorrugated plastic coreClass A & CSpray clean, mild solvents
FiberLite FRPFiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panelsInterior Wall LinerNoneClass A & CSpray clean, mild solvents
NuFiberFiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels laminated to plywood and OSB substratesInterior Wall LinerPlywood or OSBClass A & CSpray clean, mild solvents
NuPolyHigh-density polyethylene panels laminated to plywood or OSBInterior Wall LinerPlywood or OSBClass CSpray clean, mild solvents
UtiLiteCorrugated/fluted PVC substrate with a smooth finish and seamless interlocking edge connectionsInterior Wall LinerCorrugated plastic coreClass ASpray clean, mild solvents
Floor Panels
Description Uses Substrates Available Fire-Rating Maintenance
NuComb-ALightweight aluminum honeycomb panelWall, ceiling, and floor panelAluminum honeycombClass ASpray Clean, mild solvents
NuPoly QuadFloorHigh-density polyethylene laminated to various substratesInterior Floor PanelPlywood or OSBNoneSpray clean, mild solvents