Wall Panels

At NUDO, we offer a variety of wall panel configurations and styles, offering a solution for whatever your design and construction requirements demand. Choose from our options that span from strong and lightweight, to decorative and versatile. After you review our wall panel options below, you can visit our distributor map to find a distributor near you or you can reach out to our customer support team and they can provide assistance.
Description Uses Substrates Available Fire-Rating Certifications Maintenance
AllureRecycled composite core sandwiched between aluminum and a layer of high pressure laminate(HPL)Wall and ceiling panelRecycled thermoplastic coreClass A, B & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
BPLiteHigh-density polyethylene panels with a smooth or textured finishFunctional wall-coveringNoneClass CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
ColumnCorrCo-extruded layered panel using a polypropylene thermoformed core with an aluminum, FRP or HDPE surface finish on 1 or 2-sidesWall and ceiling panelPolypropylene thermoformed coreSpray clean, mild solvents
ElementsRecycled composite core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminumWall and ceiling panelRecycled thermoplastic coreClass AUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
FiberCorrCorrugated/fluted polyethylene core with a FRP faceWall and ceiling panelCorrugated plastic coreClass A & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
FiberLite FRPFiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panelsWall and ceiling panelNoneClass A & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
FiberScore FRPOffers superior visual appearance without the hassle and costs of ceramic tile. The Sani-Coat topcoat seals the groove offering several advantages over ceramic tile grout linesWall PanelsNoneClass III/CUSDA/FSISSpray Clean, mild solvents
ImpressionsDigital graphics on custom wall panelsDesigned performance panelsCorrugated plastic coreClass AUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
NuComb-ALightweight aluminum honeycomb panelWall, ceiling, and floor panelAluminum honeycombClass AnoneSpray Clean, mild solvents
High performance decorative panel with various core optionsWall panelHDF, ACM, Cement BoardClass AUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray Clean, mild solvents
NuFiberFiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels laminated to plywood, gypsum or OSBWall and ceiling panelPlywood, gypsum, OSBClass A & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
NuPolyHigh density polyethylene laminated to plywood and OSB substratesWall and ceiling panelPlywood & OSBClass CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
SecureShieldSecurity wall panel combining gypsum, polycarbonate, and FRPSecure designed performance panelsGypsum & polycarbonate Class ANot ApplicableNot Applicable
UtiliteCorrugated fluted PVC substrate with a smooth finish and seamless interlocking edge connectionsEasily cleaned, water resistant functional wall and ceiling panelsCorrugated plastic coreClass AUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents

Unique Product Offerings

From a strong, lightweight design to a decorative, versatile need, NUDO panels serve a variety of applications. Whether your project requires high-moisture resistance or aesthetic capabilities, NUDO will have what you're looking for. Laminated surface options include aluminum, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), or you can choose to combine it with insulation to achieve the needs of the space. Find a solution for your project needs with our available impact-resistant, fire-resistant, and durable wall panel offerings, at NUDO.

NUDO Buying Benefits

At NUDO, our products are intentionally designed and constructed to deliver the results you are seeking. Whether you need a lightweight and sanitary material, durable exterior material, specific architectural panels, or anything in between, NUDO will have the solution for your space. More features and benefits of choosing NUDO include:
  • Responsiveness - at NUDO, we understand that you are held to demands and expectations, which is why we provide an uncomplicated product ordering process and fast delivery.
  • Consistency - NUDO has a 99% on-time delivery rate and a less than 0.2% return rate. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and we stand firm in providing our customers with 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Solutions - NUDO will work with you to address the variables that are present in your project to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs.

Wall Panel FAQs

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How many variations of wall panels does NUDO offer?
NUDO offers 14 primary wall panel products, with a variety of offerings within each product line to meet the needs of your project. Whether you require aesthetics, 100% water resistance, or a secure barrier in your building, NUDO offers wall panels to meet your purpose.
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Does NUDO offer affordable wall panel solutions?
Yes, NUDO offers affordable solutions to meet your construction needs. NuPoly®, FiberScore™ FRP, and UtiLite™ wall panels are just a few of our affordable wall panel solutions. Contact our team to learn more.
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Which NUDO Panels are water resistant?
At NUDO, most of our wall panels are moisture resistant. Contact our team to learn more.
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Are there wall panel solutions for restrooms?
Yes, several of NUDO's panels meet the application requirements for restrooms, including Allure, FiberScore™ FRP, FiberLite® FRP, NuPoly®, and UtiLite™.
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Are NUDO wall panels easy to install?
Yes, although some wall panels are easier to install than others, all of the wall panels offered at NUDO provide uncomplicated, easy installation. We also offer complementary trims and accessories to make installation even easier!
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Which wall panels are impact-resistant?
At NUDO, our NuFiber™, NuPoly®, SecureSheild™, and FiberLite® wall panels offer the most impact resistance. If your application requires more aesthetics, Allure is the ideal option. Contact our team to learn more.
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Which wall panels are best for meeting aesthetic requirements?
At NUDO, our Allure™, Elements, and Impressions™ wall panels offer the most design flexibility, allowing you to choose from a multitude of woodgrains, patterns, solids, and graphics from many laminate manufacturers.