Agricultural Facility Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Panels
NUDO's line of wall, floor, and ceiling panels for agricultural applications is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity. They are ideal for moisture-prone areas and high-traffic zones in facilities like dairy barns, hog barns, poultry houses, equipment storage buildings and more. With easy installation options and various sizes and configurations, our panels seamlessly integrate into any agricultural building layout, offering hassle-free customization and superior performance. Additionally, NUDO prioritizes hygiene and sustainability, providing panels that are easy to clean and maintain, while adhering to strict industry standards. Choose NUDO for unmatched quality and elevate the efficiency and functionality of your agricultural operations today.

Features & Benefits of NUDO's Wall and Ceiling Panels for Agriculture Applications

  • Durable surfaces that resist scratches
  • 100% moisture resistant
  • Thermal shock and chemical resistant
  • Cleans easily with steam, high pressure sprayers or soap/water
  • Extensive color options on textured or smooth surface improves design flexibility
  • Class A or Class C fire-rating available
  • Color coordinating moldings and fasteners available for easy installation
  • High impact strength
  • Low maintenance

Agriculture Facility Wall & Ceiling Panels

Floor Panels for Agriculture Buildings

NuPoly® wall and ceiling panels utilize HDPE, factory laminated to various substrates on one or both sides
NuPoly Impact
An economical solution for areas requiring scratch and moisture resistant flooring. Available in a variety of colors, textures and sizes.

Foundation Protection Liner

GroundBreaker™ Foundation and Insulation Protection Liner
A fiberglass reinforced plastic barrier that provides complete protection for the foundation and insulation on all types of homes and buildings

Benefits of FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels in Agricultural Applications

NUDO's laminated wall and ceiling panels offer comprehensive features and benefits tailored to agricultural specifications. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic wall and ceiling panels are specially engineered to provide durability, easy maintenance and sanitation with exceptional physical and mechanical properties.
FRP offers the ultimate in durability:
  • Impact resistant surface
  • 100% moisture resistant
  • Thermal shock and chemical resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Class A or Class C fire-rating available
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Available in various colors with coordinating moldings
  • Meets USDA, FDA & LA County Requirements
With multiple design options, NUDO agricultural wall panels seamlessly integrate into diverse agricultural environments. Their easy-to-clean nature ensures compliance with stringent hygiene standards.

Complementary Accessories for Easy Installation

NUDO’s FRP panels can be easily installed directly to solid wall surfaces or can be used for drop-in ceilings. They are adhered directly to gypsum or plywood walls with a variety of different trowel-on adhesives. NUDO’s line of accessory items simplifies the installation for any of our panel systems in any agricultural building. All moldings are custom extruded to specifically match the panel being used.
  • Vinyl and aluminum moldings offered in a variety of profiles
  • Adhesives, sealants, rivets, screws and nails
  • Mechanical fasteners
  • Matching FRP colors, moldings and rivets
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