Frequently Asked Questions
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What adhesive do you recommend using with your products?
We reference Franklin Titebond adhesive manufacturers recommendations on adhesive selection by substrate. Please refer to
How do I put Allure on the wall?
Allure is typically installed using appropriate adhesive for substrate. Troweling 100% coverage to back of panel. Under certain conditions mechanical fastner have been used in conjuction with adhesive and silicone.
BP Lite
What is BP Lite?
NUDO BP-Lite is a .090 liner panel used in special applications.
How do you hang your CeramicSteel panels?
NUDO CeramicSteel can be installed using both adhesive, mechanical fasteners and trims depending on the application.
FiberScore FRP
Can I use Fiberscore FRP in the shower?
Fiberscore FRP is not recommended for shower applications due to the panel seams. It has been used by experienced installers who take great care to silcone the panel transitions with silicone sealant.
Is your FRP panel scratch resistant?
Although Fiberlite FRP panels can withstand high impact, they are not completely impervious to scratches.
Can FRP be painted?
It has been done, but is not recommended because the surface of FRP is designed to be non porous. If you do need to paint, proper preparation and high quality epoxy or acrylic paint will provide you the best chance of sticking to the FRP Surface.
Can you laminate FRP over FRP?
Yes, using the Titebond Co-Polymer Adhesive. Review Titebond installation guidelines.
Is the FRP FM Factory Mutual approved?
NUDO Fiberlite FRP does not carrier the Factory Mutual Certification
Does the FRP have a UV protection?
NUDO Fiberlite FRP does have UV protection but may fade or turn yellow over time or if placed in direct sunlight.
Can your FRP be used in the outdoors?
It can be used outdoors depending on the application.
Does your FRP have a Gel-Coat finish?
Yes, Fiberlite FRP High Gloss Smooth White.
General Questions
What is the difference between Class C and Class A FRP?
ASTM E-84 Testing Classification specify Class C/III panels have a flamespread index of 76-200 and Smoke Development Index of 450 maximum. Class A/I panels with a flamespread index of 0-25 and Smoke Development Index of 450 maximum.
What adhesive is recommended for your Groundbreaker product?
We look to Franklin Titebond's recommendation of Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive. Please refer to
When installing on steel studs, what type of screw do I need to use?
Bugle Head Self Drilling screw designed for the heavy gauge metal that you will be drilling into is the best practice suggestion.
What screws are recommended to use for an install that can go through the Polycarbonate panel without damage?
NUDO stocks CS125 T Self-Tapping Screws for use when installing SecureShield
Can I buy your moldings per piece or do I have to get the whole carton?
NUDO extrudes over 3.5 million moldings a yea,r which can be purchased by carton or piece.
Is it a good idea to use the trim systems Nudo offers when the panels are used in a correctional facility?
No, using the any trim in a correctional facility is not recommeded. The panels need to be installed with 1/8 gap and silicone chalked.
How do I attach NuFiber to Metal/Wood studs?
NuFiber is typically mechanically fastened to studs. This has been a best pratice by many experienced installers.
Can your NuFiber panels be used for exterior applications?
NuFiber is not recommended for permanent weather exposed applications. It has been used in temporary exterior applications.
Does NUDO have laminated panels like NuFiber/NuPoly in stock?
NUDO carries an extensive inventory of overlays and subst rates; NUDO laminated panels are made-to-order
What do I do if my order comes in with obvious damage from shipment?
If a shipment arrives damaged, you have two (2) options, making notation on paperwork refusing shipment or make notation on paperwork and take pictures of damaged shipment, receive panels and use the good panels and report the condition to get a RMA to replace damaged panels.
Can I buy direct or how do I order Nudo?
There are various options to purchase NUDO panels. We have an extensive distribution network, buying groups and special direct purchasing programs based on annual minimums.
Can you ship 16 and 20 panels by LTL?
12 ft is the maximum length for most LTL carriers. We ship 16 and 20 lengths of UtiLite via NUDO preferred trucks.
Would Nudo direct ship to my clients work site?
NUDO has made direct shipments to jobsites depending on the order size and condition of the delivery location.
Can I get custom sized panels on your products?
Yes, NUDO has the ability to cut panels into custom sizes
How do you seal the joints between FRP cladded Secure Shield Panels?
NUDO offers Boss 312 Silcone HVAC/R adhesive in both white and clear.
Do I need to use caulk or silicone on all the joints with UtiLite?
Using silicone caulking helps to seal the transition between panels and trim. It has been a best pratice by many experienced installers
Can your UtiLite panels be installed over Gypsum?
Yes, NUDO UtiLite can be installed over Gypsum.
Does UtiLite come in Colors?
Currently, UtiLite is available in white only.
Can UtiLite be cut to size?
Yes, Utilite can be cut to lengths.
Is UtiLite sold by the piece?
UtiLite is sold by the case, 5 panels per case.
Can UtiLite be adhered to the walls only?
Yes, but it is not a best practice. The UtiLite panel should be attached to drywall or stud vertically every 8". To ensure the panels are sealed a bead of silicone should be inserted into the flange when interlocking panels together.
Can UtiLite be painted once it is up on the wall?
Yes, there are several paint manufacturers that offer Vinyl Safe paint.
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